Professional DVD Series

Land your career with this instructional DVD series including mock interviews explained in detail to help you learn from mistakes you won't have to make!

This DVD series will be available in 2009. Want to find out what you can expect from it...Read below.

Included on the Interview Excellence DVD series are lectures from various seminars Eric Vanderburg has given and recorded interview sessions with commentary on what was done right and wrong. The DVD also includes discussions with recruiters and HR personnel on their techniques in interviews to give you a better undestanding on what the employers are looking for.

Eric has a wealth of knowledge about interviewing and a very friendly lecture style. I can't wait to see what he does with this new DVD.

~ Leon Kerpowski


Sections include:

  • Types of Interviews
  • Interview Structure
  • Making the Right Initial Impression
  • Promoting Yourself with Body Language
  • A Positive Answer to Tough Questions
  • Understanding the Interviewer
  • Asking the Right Questions
  • From Start to Finish (Putting it all Together)