Your appearance can bolster or undermine your communication in the interview. Review the tips below so you will appear as qualified as you really are.

Never wear a backward baseball cap to an interview unless applying for the job of umpire.

~ Dan Zevin


It is always better to dress up rather than dress down. If you are unsure if you should wear professional or semi-professional attire, err on the more professional. Professional attire promotes the conception of someone who takes the interview process seriously. Clothing should be modest, not flamboyant, and cleaned and wrinkle free. Loud and showy or dirty and wrinkled attire will detract from what you are trying to say. Here are some specific tips for men and women.


The best choice for men is a black, gray, or navy suit with a white shirt and tie. This is called the "power suit". It is simple but professional and not distracting. Keep your tie simple and make sure it coordinates with your suit. Wear solid colored socks to match your suit and don't forget to shine your shoes.


Women have several options. Some excellent choices include a skirted suit, a dark skirt and light colored blouse, or a suit with matching pants. Women should wear dress shoes that are free from scuffs and visible wear. A dark solid color is best and avoid anything with sparkle or sequins.

No body piercings should be visible in the interview with the exception of one small pair of earrings for women. Jewelry should be used sparingly. Watches and wedding bands are acceptable but other jewelry should be avoided. Tattoos should be covered by clothing or makeup. Women should cut their nails short and use clear nail polish. They should wear neatly styled hair. Men should have neatly trimmed hair and facial hair.

Smokers are not a protected class so it is in your best interest, if you smoke, to not advertize the fact. It is also courteous to the interviewer if you do not smell of smoke. If you have to smoke, do it before your morning shower so that the smell does not remain on you or your clothes. Cologne or perfume should not be worn. The same is true for strong scented deodorants. If you normally use such deodorant, switch to a less scented version for the day of the interview.