Lunch or Dinner Interview

The lunch or dinner interview is less common than a traditional interview but it is still used. Companies like lunch or dinner interviews because it is less formal and job candidates tend to be more open, relaxed, and less guarded. It also gives interviewers a chance to see many other non-verbal characteristics of a candidate. Here are some tips specific to the lunch or dinner interview:

  • If you are unfamiliar with the restaurant, visit it some day before the interview and check out the menu, location, layout, and atmosphere of the place.
  • Arrive early to the restaurant and wait for the interviewers to arrive. Remember to be pleasant and converse with the interviewers as they arrive as each interaction is part of the assessment of your fit for the job.
  • Keep conversations prior to lunch or dinner relaxed unless the interviewer takes the conversation in that direction. You will have time to ask questions about the job and all interviewers should be present when those topics are discussed.
  • Make sure you understand dining etiquette. This web site will assist you if you need to brush up. The site has videos on proper table manners. Table Etiquette
  • Order something simple to eat but something you will enjoy and moderately priced. You want to be able to concentrate on the conversation and not your food.
  • Do not consume alcohol with your meal.
  • Be courteous to your server.
  • The interviewer will pay for the meal.